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BEWARE OF PITY – Based on the best selling novel by Stegfan Zweig, written by Greg Latter and to be directed by Billie August.

MEANS TO AN END – An original action-heist written by Joseph O’Bryan and being produced by Tim Kwok.

BLOWBACK – An original political-thriller written by Teddy Hoytt.

MONUMENTAL – An original action comedy written by Chad Faust Annie Burgstede, directed by Brett Simon and produced by Eric Fishcer. Production starts in Louisiana on 6 July 2015, starring Jeremy Irons, Virginia Madesen, AnnaSophia Robb and Rory Culkin.

THE MORNING AFTER – An Original romantic comedy written by Rebekah E. Reaves and being produced by Eric Fischer.

THE THIEF – Based on the best-selling Japanese novel by Fuminari Nakamura, written by Ben August and being produced by Gail Mutrux and Ulf Israel for Senator Films AG.